Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fun with Foliage

It was quite brisk today, but the kids decided to brave the chill and play in some leaves out front this afternoon after school. Even Rhylah got in on the action. Check it out!

Super Asher takes a leap at his brother...

... and the two end up in a laughing heap on the ground.

My cutie pies! You might notice that both boys, especially Asher, got drastic haircuts lately. Nathan gave them haircuts the other night. I still can't get used to Asher's short hair! But I'm sure it will be long again in no time at all! And at least I can finally see his eyes! (It was getting REALLY long!)

Check out her new sparkly pink sneakers!

Mr. Cool

Finally, Ash gives me a REAL smile to photograph -- he's been tricky with this lately...


Nhia said...

Cute, cute, cute, cute kids! I noticed Asher's hair RIGHT AWAY. It's so cute! And did Rhylah get a haircut too, or am I imagining that? That is one studly smile Asher can flash!

C Staude said...

I almost wouldn't have recognized Ash! CUTE photos! I LOVE leaf shots! yay fall!