Sunday, October 12, 2008

Faces from Long Ago

About three weeks ago, I went through some of the old family albums at my Aunt Kathy's house, in the hopes of finding some gems to hang on our dining room wall once we'd finished painting. Here are a few of the photos I came across....

This is my favorite, without a doubt. I call this photo "The Rat Pack" because that's just what they look like to me. A group of great friends. That's my great grandpa Emil, on the far right, kneeling with the white shirt and tie. The photo is circa 1913.

This is my favorite photo of my grandmother. She was an amazing woman, and never what you would think of as conventionally beautiful. But in this photo, a picture of her as as a teenager, I think she is luminous.

The old farm, which is STILL the farm where my uncle Carl lives. (with a new house now). This path, however, leading up to the house, is still there. It is crazy to me, to see it in this photo, looking so different!

My great-grandma, on the far left, (who married the guy in the very first photo) came to America with her father and sister, who I BELIEVE are the other two people in this photo.

The sister of the girl in the last photo. My great-great aunt, Tante Lana (I'm not sure on the spelling there!) Her name was Helene. I just adore this photo. Her expression seems so calm and yet wistful.

A cousin, Emma Sauer. This photo kinda creeps me out a little, because I think she looks like a ghost. Hee hee!

Here is ghost girl, a few years later ... a beautiful portrait.


marzi said...

very cool. i love, love, love old photos like that! i had to laugh, i have a great-grandpa named emil too! i think you look so much like your grandmother in that photo! so fun! thanks for sharing!

amy7252 said...

I think you look like your great-great aunt in the wistful photo ... just dye your hair dark and stop smiling, and you've got it!

DawnK said...

Great pictures. I like looking at old pictures, too. I see your face in the grandmother's photo and in the wistful photo.

C Staude said...

Aunt Helene... was known as Tante Lene... but they pronounced it "Lay-nuh". So there you go! Great collection! I love these all! You DO look a lot like Lene!