Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cookie Monsters

We took the opportunity this weekend to make some sugar cookies, in honor of fall. Grandma Staude recently sent some supplies, so the kids had a blast rolling out the dough, decorating them and of course ... eating them!

Each kid got a ball of dough to work with, and do with, whatever they wanted!

Rhylah presses out her dough!

And then rolls it out!

Little doughy hands are just so sweet!

Asher works on pressing out a leaf-shaped cookie.

Ash lends Rhy a hand.

Gabe puts frosting on a turkey.

All of our lovely, frosted turkey, leaf, and pumpkin cookies!

And of course, eating them is the best part! YUMMY!!


DawnK said...

That looks like so much fun, and it's something they really don't grow out of. My kids have a blast making sugar cookies at Christmas time, and last Christmas they were 19 and 16. The cookies were pretty, too.

C Staude said...

Those are some mighty fine looking cookies! Tell them grandma says, "Great job!!!"