Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Warrior Women

Just had an interesting discussion at Bible Study this morning and wanted to share, since I found it so empowering.

We're doing a study on the book "Understanding Purpose" by Carolyn James, and for any woman who ever feels trod upon, or weak ... here's an interesting thought that James brings up ...

In Genesis, when God is creating woman, the Hebrew word "Ezer" is used. (pronouced azer with a long A) which the English language has loosely interpreted to mean "helper."

Lest you should feel second-rate, consider this ... the word "Ezer" is used 21 times as a noun in the Old Testament. Twice it is used to describe "WOMAN." But check out the other times it is used...

3 times it is used to describe Nations Israel turned to for military aid. And 16 times it is used to describe God himself, as Israel's help. Ezer is a warrior.

A very powerful little word. James says that everytime the word Ezer is used in the bible, (outside of Genesis) it appears in a military context. A shield. A defense. A powerful weapon.

Interesting to think that God sent "Woman" into the world in this context. To help Adam defend himself against the evil that God knew was lurking in the world? To help Adam defend against his own loneliness, which may have reached epic proportions at this point?

Either way, it makes me feel powerful as a woman, to be called this wonderful, vibrant word. EZER!!


Cathy said...

Grrr!! Girl Power! That is so very cool and quite empowering!

DawnK said...

Cool! Never heard that before!

Fran Cee said...

Yes, the Jews have a prayer called the Avot, which ends "magain avraham v'ezrat sarah," the sword of abraham and the shield of sarah. Women are protectors as well as warriors!