Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Nate has off work this week, so we went pumpkin hunting, despite my nasty cough. We suddenly realized that there are only 2 days till Halloween, and we'd better get crackin'! We struck out at the first place we went, but ended up going to a little place on Cleveland Avenue, right near Gabe's school. They had a train and some fun things for the kids to climb on, and several rows of beautiful pumpkins. We had a blast!

My three kiddos at the pumpkin patch.

Gabe and Rhy ... Rhylah loves her big brothers SO much!

Mr. Cutie.

Asher finds his pumpkin

Rhylah hunts for the perfect pumpkin. It's funny because she was immediately drawn to the pumpkins that were "her" size ... the smaller ones. We might have trouble carving it, but that's what she wanted!

Looking, looking, looking for the perfect orange gourd!

Look at all those perfect pumpkins!

Asher makes his "witch" face while Gabe makes his scary "ghost" face.

Me and Rhy give it a go.

Pretty girl with her pumpkin!


C Staude said...

Adorable (as ever)and I LOVE the fact that Asher is still in love with his hat that I made him!

amy7252 said...

I cannot get over how grown up Gabe is looking in these photos. When did he become a young man??

And you know, it was really fun doing this when we were in college, but I bet it's WAY more fun with three kids in tow.

Cassie said...


wiscogirl said...

Gr8 pics! Amazing how fst they grow. Maynard looks just like daddy. :D

DawnK said...

Looks like you all had fun! Cute pictures. My big kids still need to go to the pumpkin farm!