Monday, September 20, 2010

Camping in the Fall

We went on a church campout to Warren Dunes State Park this past weekend. Our last camping trip was a nightmare, so I was a little bit timid. It went SOOO much better this time! Mostly, because we didn't try it with a baby! All our kids are finally old enough to understand that we have to be somewhat considerate of others, and we can't wake up at 4 a.m. shrieking our heads off. :)
It was also fun camping with folks from church. On Saturday night, we had a mini service, and a potluck (yes, I did indeed cook a pasta salad on my tiny camp stove!!) and it was just a blast!
We also hiked to the top of the world's BIGGEST dune, but since I didn't take my camera, I have no proof ... although it was indeed an adventure, as we made it to lake Michigan just in time to see a monster storm descend on our tiny little heads. We ran all the way back to camp and got completely drenched, but it will make for a great memory!

Roxy normally sleeps all day, but refused to lay in the sand, so she was up nonstop. Needless to say, when we got home, she collapsed for a marathon nap outside.

AS cute as she is here, it must be said that Roxy was our biggest liability on the trip. She almost didn't make it back... :) Her barking was enough to convince us that all future Harrmann camping escapades will be done canis absentis. :)

I just love how similar the boys look here, as they tie up their shoes. "No shoes in the tent!" is a vivid memory from my childhood ... as familiar as the sound of the tent zipper going up and down ... wow, that takes me right back to the 80s!!

Nate brought his guitar to play at the mini service, and we also sang around the campfire a few times. It was awesome!

Rhy smiles with a cheek stuffed full of marshmallows. What I loved about this campground were the above-ground firepits, which put a mother's mind at ease as kiddos play around the fire. There's NO way to fall in, unless you're an acrobat. We had a fantastic time cooking hot dogs over the fire, also smores, and pudge pies ... and of course, baked beans with the can shoved right into the coals, cowboy style!

The boys spent most of the day riding their bikes with their friends, in circles around the campground.

My boys!

Rhylah is anything but subtle as she snitches breakfast sausage from her daddy ... the weakest link! :)

This is my spot of choice ... after the hike and getting stuck in the rainstorm, it took a LOOONG while before I could warm up. Temps are chilly here already, although it made for delightful sleeping!

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DawnK said...

I'm not much of a camper, so we didn't "camp" with our church, but we came for the service and the potluck, with everyone else. The kids who were camping there, did have their bikes and they were constantly on them, riding in circles. This year, it was at Harrington. Next year, it will be at Kohler-Andrae.

Looks like you had fun, except for the getting-drenched part.