Thursday, September 02, 2010

More Summer Awesomeness!

Here are some more random shots from some fun times we had in August. We spent time at the County Fair .. where unfortunately, all my kids got sick. Despite that, we still had a great time, petting goats, riding bumper cars and eating corn dogs! Later that week, we went to South Haven to see a tall ship or two in harbor. Asher was DELIGHTED with this trip, as he has always been part pirate...

Me and a few of my kiddos at the county fair. :)

Gabe munches on traditional fair food ... a corndog.

Rhylah pats a goat.

A super tiny goat sitting in the feed trough.

Asher pets a goat.

Just a shot of a gorgeous heirloom tomato out of my garden. This is a Purple Cherokee, and they were the best of the summer ... soooo sweet and yummy!

One of the tall ships that came through South Haven. I've decided that if I ever get a boat while living on Lake Michigan ... this is the kind of boat I would want. Anything less is just not classy enough ... :)

Look at those excited blue eyes!!

I really liked this tugboat ... not sure why.

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