Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dancing Girl

Rhy had her very first ballet class today!
It's a mommy & me class, so I went along and was able to join in the fun. I've never seen a little girl so excited!
She did a great job with the stretches and positioning ... got a little bit sidetracked when she noticed herself in the mirror ... but did a great job, all in all!
My favorite part was when the teacher kept telling the girls to "kiss their heels," meaning, to make their heels touch, in first position. Rhy, however, would drop to the floor whenever her teacher said this, and physically KISS her heels. TOO FUNNY!
And I think the boys were just as excited as she was. All day long, they reminded her of her dance lesson, and Asher told her how she had to put her hair up and "put some pokey things in it." (bobby pins)
When we got home after class, both boys were plastered up against the door to greet us, wanting to know every detail, and see her new outfit.
I'm not sure if Rhy will stick with dance longterm, but if anything, I think it gives her some exercise, teaches her to listen to a teacher, and gives her a sense of having fun and finding rhythm within her own body. You can't go wrong with that!

She was SOOOO excited to get going!

Big smiles!

We had missed the first two lessons, so she watched carefully in order to catch up!

I love this shot, even though it's blurry. Baby ballerina hanging from the bar ... too cute!


C Staude said...

Totally sweet! Thanks for posting it here so I can have copies of the pics! I love your blog!

Katrina said...

No problem! :) Can't wait to see you guys in a week!

DawnK said...

I got to take some dance classes, when I was young. They were fun, but it wasn't anything that we stuck with, either. Looks like she had a blast!