Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fun in August

Now that it's September (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??) I feel like it's time to post some backlogged photos from last month. My sister and her family came to visit us for a week in mid-August. It was a fantastic time! We had cookouts on the beach, visited the sprinkler park, ate at our favorite hot spots (Roxy's, Silver Beach Pizza etc.) and just had a wonderful time. Here are a TON of photos to show you the fun that we had!

Sydney, my sweet little niece, gets sprayed by the fountain.

Asher plays in the fountain.

The girls are SO hard to get in the same photo! So, while this isn't the BEST photo, I'm happy that it has both of them in it. :)

Gabe has just as much fun as the little ones at the sprinkler.

After the sprinkler, we all went to Silver Beach Pizza for dinner. This is a shot Gretchen took of Nate and I ... and our girl.

The Jameson's, looking happy to be on vacation!

At the beach later that week, Rhylah dug herself a hole.

A cheesey grin inside the hole.

My kids, wading around in a surprisingly calm lake during some GORGEOUS evening light!

Boys swimming in the golden light!

Rhy, looking picturesque on the beach!

Sweet girls!

SO Happy!

Digging away!

Cutie pies.

Getting snug and dry after a good swim.

Another sand castle ... another day in paradise!


C Staude said...

Wow! Great set of shots... Enough to keep a Grammy in grins for a good long while!!

nhia said...

Great photos, Katrina! What a summer, huh? Can't believe it's over ... and can hardly believe how big your cute kids are now! Gabe looks like he could be as tall as you!

DawnK said...

That looks like so much fun. You are lucky to get sunsets over the lake! We have to get up so early in the morning to catch sunrises on the other side. The kids are all getting so big. Can't believe Rhylah's almost 3 and that Asher's almost 5!