Thursday, March 30, 2006

An afternoon at the playground

Gabe, Asher and I spent a couple of hours at the local playground today. It was GORGEOUS outside, almost 60 degrees!! So we had a "no TV" day, took a walk, and discovered about five or six other little kids at the park. Gabriel had fun running around with them and going down the slides "in trains," where each kid would grab onto the kid in front of them and then they would all go skidding down the slide in one massive, slow-moving unit. It was great fun. Then we topped it all off by playing a little tackle football... Gabe vs. Mom. I let him win! Basically we used the opportunity for Gabriel to blow off the winter dolldrums by running around like crazy for two hours. We're ALL very thankful that winter is over!! You can't really tell from the picture of Gabe on the climber, but he's posing and being cheesy for the camera. What a weirdo!!!


Nhia said...

Katrina, you're always the optimist -- don't be so quick to say winter's over. This is Wisconsin, after all. I remember when I first moved here five years ago. After my first winter, it was a gorgeous April and I thought the same thing. And then it snowed. I kid you not. Great, I think I just jinxed it. :)

C Staude said...

I am betting the Nhia is right!
I can remember wearing my snow boots for Easter when I lived in Michigan.

But.... a day of "break" is still a good day!