Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My smiley baby!

Okay, if this face doesn't make ya grin, there's no hope for you! None at all!! This picture perfectly illustrates the reason why one of my many nicknames for Ash is "Smiley Joe" (I have no idea where the Joe came from! It just stuck!). He is SUCH a happy baby, full of grins and giggles! It's such an interesting difference between him and Gabriel. When Gabe was a baby, he was much more serious, and would just "take in" whatever situation he was in with a very calm, serious little face. I used to joke that he was in "work mode" just like Nathan gets when he's busy ... very focused and intent.
Ash on the other hand, is our "happy go lucky" baby. Every morning he greets me from his crib with this face. Tell me, what mother in the world could be more blessed? :)


C Staude said...

I am so blown away by this gorgeous smile! What glee! His eyes just sparkle!
I can appreciate your perception of the differences between the boys.... Gretchen was our Gabe and YOU were our Ash in terms of your baby styles! But look how absolutely marvelous you both are as grownups!
Enjoy every moment!

Kingmama8 said...

hi kat!! love this picture too!! i was just on nate's site and gret and leon's too and all of you look great!! glad all is well!! love, tami king

+gmjameson said...


Hmmm - we older children are just more serious and contemplative ...

CAN I GO BACK to being little? I want to be more Ash-like! Yeesh!

We love you guys!