Sunday, March 12, 2006

A brand new basement

Okay, for those of you who did NOT see our basement when we moved in, let me tall ya, it looked NOTHING like this! It was full of horrible kitchen cabinets, with a rotten old carpet on the floor and strange, garrish stenciling on the walls. We used it for storage and could barely walk to the laundry room thru the mess.
Well, this is our "new" basement -- we started remodeling during my maternity leave, and Nathan, (my wonderful, handy husband!!) did all the work repainting, putting up new trim, leveling the concrete floor and putting down pergo-type flooring. Then we bought a new desk set, complete with iMac ... and also a futon, for guests to sleep when we have company ... and Whaala! A fully functional guest room/office/second living room! All we have left to do is finish the new ceiling and maybe buy a bookshelf or two!
We're super pleased with the results, and Nate finished up a lot of the electrical work down there this weekend, so I was able to supervise the hanging of the mirrors and such. (finishing touches etc.) It's so much fun nesting in a brand new room!! Now if we can just keep Roxy off the futon ...


C Staude said...

OHMIGOSH! Can we reserve our weekend NOW????!!!!! This is incredibly gorgeous!!! You have GOT to find a before pic to post because people will NEVER believe it! WE LOVE IT!
This is amazing! Where did you find the cool lamps... and is the coffee table wood? All you need is a few of Nate's best B&W prints in ebony frames over the computer!!!!
Tres chic'!

amy7252 said...

Katrina, you guys did an awesome job! That is just gorgeous!

+gmjameson said...


It's like Extreme Home Makeover or something! This is totally cool.

When we redo ours will you guys come and take charge???

We love it!