Monday, March 06, 2006

Our First Snowman!

Well, today, Gabriel and I went outside and constructed our very first snowman together! We got about two inches of snow last night -- what I figure will probably be the very last snowfall of the season, since it's supposed to be 50 degrees by Friday. So I showed him how, when the snow is sticky enough, you can roll it up into a big ball. He helped roll the snowman, and was in charge of placing the hat on our finished snowman, and also putting the charcoal nose in place. We had a blast, although it was all done rather quickly (20 minutes tops) as Asher was bundled up and watching from his carseat, placed in the sun on the front porch, next to us. But both boys seemed to enjoy the fresh air and snow! As we worked quickly, the sound of melting snow could be seen and heard rushing down the gutters, and the bright sun beat warmly down on us, reminding us that Spring is in fact ... just around the corner!

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C Staude said...

Ooohhhh.... Frosty LIVES!