Friday, July 21, 2006

Nate's Song

I was scanning thru our iTunes library the other day and came across a tune that Nathan made in Garage Band on our Mac one night while I was at work and he was bored. I stole it, without his permission of course, and decided to post it here on my blog!
He did all the vocal and instrumental stuff on our computer and then threw it all together to make a song. What fun!
Listen to Nate's song here
He said it's a work in progress, but I still think it's super cool! Let me know what you think!


C Staude said...

This is soooooo cool! Nathan is going to have to give me Garage Band lessons!!!! Did you say he saved it into iTunes? That's sweet!!! I would love to know how to do all that... need more summer... more time to play on my Mac!

Nhia said...

Good stuff! I think I mentioned to you before: He sounds a lot like Shawn Mullins here. Now let us know when he's got real lyrics for it!