Saturday, September 30, 2006

Berry Bounty

We are enjoying a GORGEOUS sunny fall day here, in the low to mid 70s. This fall has been inconsistent at best, going for days in the low 50s, only to spike back into the 70s again -- rather like a spoiled child who can't make up their mind which way things should be. So while I wait for fall to calm down and finish its tantrum, I alternately have my sweaters and fleeces ready one day, and my short-sleeved T-shirts out the next. It's NOT fun to wake up each morning to the "Guess the weather" game. And of course even on "consistent" days, this is the time of year in Wisconsin where we have our heaters on in the mornings and our windows open by noon. Such a paradox!
I picked these berries just two hours ago. The 6 plants we transplanted from St. Joe last year are THRIVING to put it mildly. I get a bowlfull of berries off them every other day. And Gabe and I make a game of eating them as fast as we can. It's hard to tell, but they're quite large -- some the size of the top half of my thumb -- more the size of blackberries than raspberries. I love it, because they're just like they should be -- just like they are in St. Joe. And they're SOOOO yummy! We didn't realize until half-way through summer that the plants were fall bearing ... so it's been quite a pleasure to have something to "harvest" and enjoy, since most of my garden is done... the corn stalks are browning, the last eggplants are hanging on for dear life -- all that's left is the red cabbage, hugging the ground in snug rows, which makes me think they must KNOW that winter is coming! Yes folks, fall is here at last! If favorites are an option -- fall is mine, no questions asked!

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C Staude said...

OH YUM! I can taste them from here! Beautiful shot, by the way!