Thursday, September 14, 2006

Check out my hubby!

Okay, so this is the music video made for the 2007 National Youth Gathering, which takes place in Orlando, Fla. in June. This happens every 3 years and draws about 35,000 teens to one major city for a week. My sister is one of the communications bigwigs who organzies the event, and my hubby is in the music video! Before you ask, yes, they did indeed get Jars of Clay's permission to do this video. The footage was shot in pre-hurricane New Orleans (where the gathering was initially slated to be, before disaster struck). It's kind of creepy, when you think of the lyrics in the song " ain't built to stay." Yikes. But anyway! Enjoy watching Nathan in this video. I think it's pretty cool, even if he gets all embarassed about it! :)

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Nhia said...

Katrina, I can't get it to play. Did you save it as "public" in YouTube? If it was private, then we can't view it. It has to be public. That's what I experienced when I first tried posting my Norah Crawls video a month back. Kinda creepy when you think of how anyone can see it then, but that's the risk with sharing it with friends!