Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oodles of Apples

A friend of mine from Trinity's bible study group lives near an orchard and invited me and the kids to come over and get some free apples today.
I took Asher and Rhy and we went apple-picking for the first time.
The pictures tell the whole story ... we had a beautiful afternoon wandering among the trees and sunshine!


DawnK said...

Looks like fun. Was Gabe sad that he didn't get to come? I have no idea where we'd go, to pick apples. Whispering Orchards always has the apples all packaged up already.

Cathy said...

Something Wonderfully Fally about an orchard laden with apples, just begging for little hands to come pull, and trees for them to happily climb. And having the apples to eat and cook with isn't too shabby either! ;)

C Staude said...

What fun! I remember taking you apple-picking when you were in preschool and about Asher's age!