Monday, October 31, 2011

Carving It Out

It's pumpkin carving time!!
I always love this night! Time to pick out the best patterns, light 'em up, and bake the seeds with butter and salt! This year, Gabe carved his out for the first time. Using the tools in the pumpkin carving kit we get every year (safe little miniature plastic saws and such)... I think he did a GREAT job on his phantom!

The kiddos were SOOOO excited to get going!

Daddy gets to work cutting off the tops of the pumpkins.

Asher pulls out the guts of his pumpkin ... ewwwww!

Ash tries to mimic the scary face of his jack-o-lantern.

Asher's pumpkin was by far the scariest.

Rhy's was the "cute flying cat." I can think of very little LESS cute than a flying cat, but it was the most innocent pattern in the book. :)

Gabe had the scary phantom face and he did it all by himself!

All of our merry pumpkins, twinkling in the dark!

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