Monday, October 31, 2011

Visit with the Holters

Nate's sister Shea and her husband Mark and their kiddos, Abbie and Seth, came for a visit last weekend. We had SUCH a blast. On Saturday, we spent the afternoon in Three Oaks, shopping and wandering around town. Then it was on to Grand Mere State Park, where we went for a short hike. Mark got these awesome photos on his camera. Mine, which are much less stellar, will be on the next post. :)

Me and Seth check out the shells and rocks on the beach. He found an Indian bead, and I explained how my great-grandma used to collect those in the gravel after it rained. He was pretty thrilled with the stones and things he found!

Our troops, hiking over the dunes at Grand Mere.

Love this shot of my Rhy girl.

Abbie and Asher clown around in the water. Ash got soaked, of COURSE.

Abbie jumps a wave.

Awww ... uncles are a great place to rest your noggin when you're tired!

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Cathy Willman said...

Neat Pics!