Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Farm

Every year we drive around everywhere, looking for the perfect pumpkin farm. The idea of the "perfect" farm has been ingrained in our heads since we lived in Wisconsin, and actually DID go to a perfect farm every year. Medium sized, family oriented, cider and a craft barn, a hayride, and a cut-your-own-pumpkin field. We have yet to find that here. This year, we ended up at a small, road-side farm/stand. It was tiny, but after a day of hunting, we were more than ready to settle for small. And the kids didn't care. They still had fun picking out their pumpkins.

Asher finds his perfect pumpkin.

Gabe is so serious as he searches through the pumpkins.

So many to choose from!

THIS is the one!!

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