Monday, October 31, 2011

Class Trip

This week, Asher's Kindergarten class (of five boys) went to a pumpkin farm. They had such a great time. The boys took a hayride, played in a corn maze, and got to pick some pumpkins. Rhylah and I tagged along for the fun of it!

Kale, Isaac, Ash and Rhy on the hayride.

Asher and Kaeden on the hay ride with Mrs. Kern, the teacher they ADORE!!

Isaac, Asher, Kaeden, Jared ... Kale's sister and Kale ... all with their pumpkins.

Rhylah and Asher ... so sweet!

Making music with instruments made out of gourds! Asher had SUCH a great time with this.

Making silly faces in front of the T-Rex! Five boys means a WHOLE lot of silliness!

Asher and Isaac on the hay ride.

Asher with his pumpkin.

Rhy with her pumpkin.

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