Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Rhylah!

Rhy recently celebrated her 4th birthday. I can hardly believe it. I remember Gabe being four. Four is the year of ten thousand questions a day. The year of moving from toddler-hood to true "kid" status. It's the year you become independent, learn to tie your shoes and not pee your bed at night. It's a landmark year. :)
My mom and dad got to be here for the occasion. Rhy's BIG gift this year was the Loving Family dollhouse by Fischer Price. It was awesome to see her open it and get all excited setting it up.

Opening up presents first thing in the morning is delightful!

Opening the dollhouse ... the BIG gift from mom and dad.

SOOOOOO excited!!

Love this shot of daddy holding back her hair.

Lots of pretty clothes from grandma and papa!

Make a wish!

Gotta suck the icing off the candles!

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Cathy Willman said...

Can't believe she's 4 already, she was just born yesterday!