Friday, February 23, 2007

Bracing for "THE BIG ONE"

Well, people are going crazy here in Sheboygan. After a lovely week, where temps actually reached the 50s on one afternoon, we are now bracing for "the biggest snowstorm of the season." If you go on the sheboygan press website, you can look at the weather and see the giant blue cloud that is moving our way. And people are going nuts ... raiding grocery stores etc. The snow is supposed to start tomorrow, with about 7 inches falling and 40 mph winds creating blizzard conditions. Then, it's supposed to continue overnight, with 5-6 inches more. You know it's a big one when schools are already talking about canceling for Monday!!!
I'm a bit peeved, because Nate was going to take me out for my birthday tomorrow night in Milwaukee for a "surprise" evening. I've been looking forward to this for weeks! And now, I'm fairly certain we'll have to cancel it. Also, I was hoping to make it to a good friend's baby shower on Sunday -- I'm guessing that will also not be happening. Arggghh!
On the upside, I do enjoy a good snowstorm -- especially if it's the weekend and I'm snug inside with a good book and a cup of tea! Anyway, I'll post photos and let you all know how we weather the storm!


Unknown said...

Hey there! Happy Birthday! How's it in Sheboygan? I went to Madison to spend the weekend with my parents and I'm afraid I might have to move in! We're supposed to get between 18-24 inches when it's all said and done. Here's to hoping you had a nice birthday and stayed warm! See you Monday!

Katrina said...

Thanks much! We ended up being able to have our night out in Milwaukee. Now that we're back, it looks like things are going to get REALLY snowy! Make sure you drive safe!

t.leaf + k said...

HERE IT COMES! It's getting nasty out there. I just walked from Kelly's apartment to my apartment (about 2 blocks) and it's REALLY windy. Yeesh! I can't wait to dig my car out tomorrow!!

Oh! I saw an article by you this morning..."If the Shoe Fits..." I was at the Roastry in Cedarburg, and there were NO open tables when I got there. So I had to stand a while, which gave me a chance to read everything they had posted on their wall...including an article by Katrina Harrmann! I almost shouted, "HEY! I KNOW HER!!!" but then a table opened up. ;-) Anyway, I was excited to know someone so famous.

And... Happy Birthday!!!

Have fun with all this snow!