Monday, February 19, 2007

Quick update

Ohhhkay, so I've been a complete blogger slacker this past week. But I wanted to write a quite, photoless update of what my boys were up to today, so that everyone knows that I'm still alive and well. :)
Asher had a cute moment today when he discovered Gabe's crayons and paper downstairs on the coffee table. Gabriel is always drawing and coloring (he's quite the little artist) so naturally, Ash was pretty curious as to what all the hype was about. After staring at the crayons, and trying (once) to nibble on the crayons, he finally got the idea and tried pounding on the paper while holding the crayons. I quickly took his hand and helped him make some marks -- along with his name -- with which he seemed sort of pleased.
Two second later, I caught him toddling into our kitchen, paper in hand -- heading straight for the fridge where he immediately began pulling at magnets, in an uncoordinated attempt to hang his masterpiece, the way that we always hang Gabe's. Well, I thought this was just about the most adorable thing EVER, so I quickly helped the little guy out. I tried to get a photo of him standing by his artwork, but the cheeser was too quick and wouldn't stand still for a photo. But anyway, it was definitely one of those moments that just made my heart swell up. And now we have his drawing up on our fridge. Sniffle!! :)


marzi said...

that's so cute! we have a little "gallery" in my office of all of fin's work. whenever he does something new that he wants hung up he goes and gets the tape and brings it to us with his new masterpiece. it makes my heart melt every time.

+gmjameson said...

You must take a photo of the art! We want to see it. Love and miss you.