Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Birthday

Well, Nate and I took advantage of the lull between storms today to trek down to Milwaukee, leave the boys with Nate's dad, and go out to dinner at an AMAZING Italian Restaurant, Ristorante Bartolotta. AMAZING. It was the best food I've eated in a restaurant in a Loooong time. What did we have?

For an appetizer we shared this:
Carpaccio di Manzo “Arrigo Cipriani”: Hand-sliced beef tenderloin with arugula, shaved red onion, Grana Padano, capers and the classic Venetian aïoli

Then we shared an amazing salad: Pomodoro, Cipolla Rossa e Gorgonzola: Vine-ripened tomato, shaved red onion and imported gorgonzola cheese with aged Balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil

Then the most amazing pasta I've ever eaten. EVER. And I mean it.
Fagotini di Coniglio con Cicorie al Vin Santo: Braised rabbit-filled fresh pasta perfumed with thyme, sautéed winter
chicory greens, sweet Vin Santo wine sauce and Pecorino Toscano

Then for the main course.... Nate had a rack of lamb and I had: Filetto di Manzo al Tartufo Nero: Wood roasted filet of beef, served with pureed potatoes, sautéed spinach, glazed carrots and black truffle sauce

Yum, yum, TRIPLE yum! The snow and wind and all that jazz managed to hold off until we made our trip home, which was very much appreciated. What a wonderful birthday it was!
The day started with pancakes and nitrate-free bacon (for baby). Then my boys presented me with two new CD's: Norah Jones and Harry Connick Jr. as well as tickets to see Harry Conick in April. Yay!!!!! I can't wait! Then they also got me a beautiful diamond necklace! Gabe called it a "squigly necklace" because it's in the shape of a circle. Very cute.
Anway, I'm so glad the weather didn't mess up our plans too badly. But apparently, we're supposed to get socked in tonight with 10-15 inches. Yikes!


C Staude said...

You ate a bunny!!!??? Haven't you killed lately???? First a preggers test and NOW your birthday dinner!!!?
Hmmmmm... gonna turn you in to the ASPCA!

C Staude said...

Pretty photo!
How amazing WAS your dinner... I counted 3 amazings.... glad you were treated kindly by the weather!

C Staude said...

Editors' note to dad's comment (after killed) insert "enough rabbits"
PS - I really shouldn't use this thing!

marzi said...

happy, happy birthday! sounds like you had a great time.

we sure didn't get as much snow as they predicted, did we? we canceled plans to chicago for the weekend. i'm so bummed!

Katrina said...

Awwww dad, we just appreciate that you're actually trying to leave blog comments!! Hee hee! I was SHOCKED!! :)

Katrina said...

PS: Mom, I count FOUR amazings! And yes, it was definitely worth every one! Maybe I should add a few more... :)

Nhia said...

I'm so happy things worked out in your favor! Were the reservations the "non-refundable" event? :)

+gmjameson said...

WOW! What a beautiful meal and photo! Yeah. Love you. (And Dad, blogging????)