Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sharing the germs

Well Asher and I had quite the day yesterday. I'll try not to be too detail-rich on this post.
I woke up at about 3 a.m. yesterday with stabbing pains in my tummy, aches everywhere -- I began to wonder (at first) if this just wasn't the long awaited morning sickness, as I dragged my trash can closer to the bed. But soon the aches and pains, chills followed by extreme warmth, followed by numerous trips to worship the porcelain goddess, made me quickly realize I had caught a flu bug. The only thing that made it worse? Going into Ash's room in the morning and finding his bed drenched ... with his own ... well ... "tossed cookies" to put it mildly. So Ash and I had quite a day. I spent the entire day not eating OR drinking ... moving from room to room like a 90-year-woman. UGH. My husband, sweetheart that he is, managed everything for me. He called me in sick. He even called HIMSELF in sick, basically, cancelling all but one of his shoots to stay home and take care of me and the boys. Anyway, today I'm feeling like a NEW woman. Hurray! I can't stand the flu and I'm rather ticked that I got it, in spite of my flu shot. But luckily, both Asher and I seem to have come out of it okay!
The photo is of me and Ash on the couch where we spent most of the day yesterday.


C Staude said...

My poor pumpkins! Hey though, if you got over it in a DAY, your flu shot did you some good! Dad was sick for the entire week and missed work.... and my students who have been out have missed at LEAST 3 days (some an entire week!) I think you could have caught it from dad... he got sick the night after you guys left but wasn't feeling terrific all weekend long (of course he tells me that AFTER the weekend was over!) So far, I have dodged the bullet... fingers crossed!

amy7252 said...

I think there should be some kind of natural law that makes it impossible for pregnant women to get the flu. I mean, don't we have to put up with enough "normal" aches and pains??

Hope you're both feeling better.